MVP Case – Hear Your Phone, NO Plugs Required

The MVP Case is not just another phone case; it’s a revolutionary way of amplifying your phone speakers without Bluetooth or power required.

All you need is the case and your phone!

As a stand-alone case, it offers audio and mic performance better than any other existing product. In addition, the change in speaker orientation is superior for everyday conversation, facetime, Netflix, and gamers.

Since the speaker is on the phone’s face, the sound easily reflects off the resting surface to amplify the sound. Lay the phone face down on any hard surface, and the sound enhances due to the reflection off the surface.

The front-facing speaker orientation offers more ergonomic choices than bottom-firing speakers. So now the user can rest this phone case in the verticle position while video chatting, scrolling, etc. And enjoy music comfortably as well.

The MVP Case, designed with a unique interface, allows it to connect to accessories and be part of an expandable modular component sound system. Now the case can assemble in various layouts to satisfy individual consumer needs.

Amplification horns of various sizes snap onto the case. These horns can increase the volume substantially if desired. This approach provides the opportunity for an expanded product line in addition to the case, and it sets this case apart as unique and superior to all others.

Accessories would include a small horn extension for listening 3-10 feet or outdoors. And a more prominent horn which has proved to be suitable for larger rooms.

With the MVP Case, a phone can replace Bluetooth speakers at a lower cost, greater convenience, distributed throughout the users living space, and offered in a wide variety of colors and designs.


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